I have been involved in all aspects of game audio production since April of 2000. First, as an in-house sound designer, composer, audio lead, and audio director at Stormfront Studios in San Rafael, CA. Then, as an independent audio contractor working remotely from my home studio among the trees in Eugene, Oregon. Prior to that, I worked in radio and television post-production in Chicago.

I have a Bachelor's of Music degree from Ball State University's Music Technology program.

I'm a decent drummer and a very good finger-style guitar player who prefers altered tunings. I can fake my way around a piano keyboard, and was once told I could make any object into a musical instrument.

I co-wrote a lovely little batch of songs as the guitarist with my band Creeping Lovely, in San Francisco. Some of those songs are now appearing in prime-time TV shows and commercials around the world, which is kind of fun.

I'm always seeking out new and interesting music, regardless of genre. I have a soft spot for Portugese Fado music, and 70's classic rock. I think Joanna Newsom and Jun Miyake are brilliant musical geniuses. Two of my favorite movie soundtracks are, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, by Edward Shearmur, and Elmer Berstein's To Kill a Mockingbird. I also believe Hans Zimmer gets it right, a lot.

The most amazing thing I've ever seen on stage was Pina Bausch's dance company, performing Ten Chi, and other kinetic wonderments.

I'm currently pursuing my 1000-hr certification in yoga therapy.  My wife and I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to other countries to teach dance, music, and yoga to children and teens who might not otherwise have the opportunity.