I have been involved in all aspects of game audio production since early 2000. First, as an in-house sound designer, composer, audio lead, and audio director at Stormfront Studios in San Rafael, CA. Then, as an independent audio contractor working remotely from my home studio among the trees in Eugene, Oregon. I now live in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Prior to all that, I lived in San Francisco for a good 10+ years and worked in radio and television post-production in Chicago.

I have a Bachelor's of Music from Ball State University's Music Technology program. I recently completed my 1000-hr IAYT certification in yoga therapy from Yoga Therapy International in Vancouver B.C.

I've been a drummer. I'm currently a guitar player. I had a lovely little music group in San Francisco called Creeping Lovely.

Though I'm still very much involved in tech and audio production, I try to spend as much time as I can in the fresh air and sunshine, playing at least as much as I work.